All Of These Unspoken Words……….

A Life filled with Love must have Thorns, but a Life Empty of Love will have no Roses

……a Rose is without explanation. She simply blooms. Her essence is timeless and her Beauty is our Grace.

Welcome to my Blog 

This is my personal blog. A private space where my thoughts are shared without reservations. A place where I value individuality and creativity. Somewhere I can inspire others as well as motivate myself to be the best version of who I aspire to always be. I may not always say the right things at all the most opportune moments but in my writings is where you will find me and most often, bare and exposed. My words are the very blood bleeding from the wounds within me that may have never healed. g.


I am but a Rose 🥀 in summer. Beautiful in sight and too hard to hold onto just as the days of summer are. We were but a Rose wilting in the heat of a lazy summers day.

My pen, a sword in battle, drawing you into my world – my poetry, my art – enticing you with each syllable, each stroke, and every curve and slope of each letter. 
When nowhere feels like home, it means you are being called to build one. When nothing feels okay you are being called to ask why not. When you are feeling the most hopeless you are being called to rest. When you are feeling the least beautiful you are being called to make beautiful the parts of which you are most willing to change.

How is it that Words can evoke touch into depths of your being and scar your body in the midst of it’s wake.

Live your life and create your dreams. Whether it be a partner or a venture of some kind. Find your passion and live it. Be passionate w someone not just about someone. Be happy and love will find you.

These are great affirmations to live by and remind yourself that you are interesting. You’re passionate. You have things going on that contribute to high-quality conversations. You have a life! And you love it.

So, exposing your weaknesses maybe seem to be the opposite of strength, but real strength is shown in your ability to express vulnerability,

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I’m the Woman Who Will Always Want More

I always feel more than I should. It is both a curse and a blessing to always feel so much.